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Coach's Corner

This section is designed to assist PYSA coaches in their preparation for games and practices.

  • Coach's Cori Registration
  • Coach's Concussion Online Course
  • Coach's Checklist In order to Coach for PYSA (ECYSA Requirements)
  • Evaluation Video                      
  • Rules of the Game                    
  • Coaching Tips   
  • Game Day Logistics
  • Other Items

Coach's Checklist In Order to Coach for PYSA (ECYSA Requirements)

 Click Here for the Checklist.

Coach's Cori Registration

Note- You are required to be Cori Checked by the State before ECYSA will issue a Coaches Card for a Season. You must Register By June (For a Fall Season) and by January (For a Spring Season)



Coach's Concussion Online Course



MA Coach's Annual Registration 



MYSA switched their process and now the CORI screening is contained within the MYSA registration which can be found here




After completing registration you can check your status of the "application" and yoru CORI status can be seen here





Player Development Program Skill Drills

Detailed Development Plans click here


Evaluation Video

Password: watch
Player Evaluation Form Click Here

Click here for glossary of terms

PYSA Team Assessment Click Here


Rules Of The Game

This section is designed for players, parents and coaches. Please click on the various links below for an in-depth overview of the rules of soccer. For everything from off-sides to proper throw-in techniques and more.



ECYSA Operating rules
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MYSA Specialty Clinic U12 & U-14


•    U-12 Practice Plans


•    U-14 Practice Plans

Game Day Logistics

•    Navigating ECYSA.org        Entering Home Game Scores
•    ECYSA Packet                    Cancellation of Games
•    Prior to 1st Game                Rescheduling a Game
•    Equipment                          Referee No-Shows
•    Game Day Logistics

Navigating ECYSA.org

www.ecysa.org is the site where you will be able to locate your child’s schedule, field availability, field location, standings and more.

•    Please visit www.ecysa.org
•    Click on “Games” then click “Schedule” to view the upcoming schedule.
•    Click on “Games” then click “Field Availability” to view whether the field is open/closed.
•    Click on “Map” then click on the town where game is to be played. The field # is listed on the schedule. Field address and any parking restrictions are listed within this section.
•    Please note that fields may change throughout the course of the season. Always confirm the field location on Friday prior to any AWAY games.

ECYSA Packet

Prior to the first week of practice in any given season, you should have received the ECYSA Packet of information. Within each packet, please make sure that you have the following:

•  Four score cards for HOME games.
•    Player & Coach ID cards.
•    2012 ECYSA Handbook
•    Laminated Roster
•    Schedule

Please make sure you have contact information for your players, cell phone and / or work numbers. The registration forms should have medical contacts (please verify).
Always have this contact information with you in case someone gets hurt at a practice or a game.

Prior To 1st Game

•    Do you have all your player and coaches cards?
•    It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure that the Laminated Roster matches the player cards PRIOR to the first game.
•    Check your schedule, is the coaches information correct (Names, phone numbers)?
•    Always bring the Laminated Roster and Cards to EVERY game.
•    Make sure the uniform numbers are on the laminated roster. If needed, put a piece of tape on the roster and write in the uniform numbers. If you have duplicate numbers, you may be asked to use tape and add a number 1 to a uniform to differentiate players.
•    Score Card should contain the Town/Teams playing, Game #, Date, Age, Div, Gender.


Each Head coach will receive, from the Equipment Manager, the following items. If you have any questions please contact Gary Milne: gmilne@gocsc.com

•    One Game Ball                
•    Several practice balls & pump
•    Goalie Gloves and Jersey
•    First Aid Kit
•    Ice Paks
•    Cones
•    Mesh Bag
•    Pinnys

Game Day Logistics

•    Only coaches who are “carded” are allowed on the player sideline during games.
•    Please ensure that your coach’s cards have the current season/year sticker. “Fall 2014”
•    Make sure that players are not wearing Jewelry, Rings, Watches, Necklaces, Bracelets, Metal Hair Clips, Casts or Splints.
•    Shirts are to be tucked in, shin guards on.
•    Goalies shirt must be a different color than both teams, does not have to be a numbered jersey. Opposing goalies may have the same color jersey/pinny.
•    Pass out ID cards to coaches and players prior to check in with the referee.
•    The Referee receives the Laminated Roster and all cards during “check-in”, prior to the start of every game.
•    The referee will compare the roster name and uniform number (that's why there is a strip of tape on the laminated roster) to the player ID card and player uniform when they call out their name.
•    Referee will also receive the Game’s Score Card.
•    At the end of the game you will receive the Laminated Roster, Player/Coaches Cards and a copy of the Score Card from the Referee.
•    BEFORE leaving the field, ensure that you have ALL the PENTUCKET cards and roster.
•    Count the cards to make sure you have all of the cards!
•    Score Card should contain the teams played, score, Game #, Date, Ref. #, Ref. name.

Reminder!!--A player/coach cannot participate without an ID Card (no exceptions) - A game cannot be played without a team roster (forfeit the game). Don't ask the referee to make an exception - it's not their responsibility - it's YOURS.

Entering Home Game Scores

•    Visit www.ecysa.org
•    Click on “Games” then click “Post Scores”
•    Select U-12/14 Boys or Girls
•    Enter Game #. (Found on the Schedule page within www.ecysa.org)
•    Enter ECYSA Division Director Phone number. Do not include dashes.

VISIT THE ECYSA.ORG WEBSITE-    http://ecysa.org/cgi-bin/Officials.pl

•    All HOME games are to be submitted by Sunday evening at 10:00.
•    PYSA is charged a $10 fine for scores not entered on time.
•    If your game is cancelled, you still need to enter the game as “not played”, follow the same steps as listed above.
•    If the game is originally scheduled in Pentucket and gets moved to another location, you are still considered the “home” team and need to enter as such.

Cancellation Of Games

By 7:00am the Town Director must notify ECYSA if we are canceling our 9:00 & 10:30 games. ECYSA will cancel the referees.
Next - (7:05) the Town Director will send an email to the Travel Coach’s distribution list concerning the game
Once the Town Director has notified ECYSA of a cancellation, the Field will be closed on the www.ECYSA.org site. Closed fields will show in RED.

Please don’t call the travel directors house. They will be sending emails, speaking with the PYSA Fields Director, ECYSA and the PYSA Webmaster to get the word out! Calling them will not help matters.

•    If you are the coach of a home game you need to:

o    Call the coach of the team that is coming to play in Pentucket and advise them of the cancellation. DO THIS FIRST!
o    If you have the early game, get the coaches cell phone so you can call them if they are already on the road.
o     Call/Email your team and let them know about the cancellation.

•    If you are the coach of an away game:

o    Before Saturday, contact the coach and discuss how and at what time they will let you know about cancellations.
o    If you have the early game, it would be a very good idea to exchange cell phone numbers in case you are                already on the road.
o    NOTE: PYSA will only make decisions on Home games. We have nothing to do concerning decisions on            away games.
o    If games have not been cancelled, it is the referee’s decision to cancel a game due to weather or field conditions.
o    Be sure to tell your teams that they are to show up at the games unless they are told of a cancellation. We play soccer in the rain (but not if there is thunder or lightning!!!)

Re-Scheduling Of Games

PYSA's Town Director is Chris Markuns.

to email Chris.

•    Within the ECYSA Handbook, view “Games not played as scheduled”.
•    ECYSA has made it very clear that reschedule request may be made for Religious events and Educational events that result in a team having less than 7 players.
•    PYSA Reschedule procedures:
  • In the event a game is cancelled the following procedures must be followed:
  • Discuss with the opposing coach for a COUPLE of dates to reschedule the game.
  • Send to the PYSA Town Director by email the following info
    • Game #
    • Both team names.. “ Pentucket Bulldogs” v. ”Ipswich Tigers”
    • Age group and Gender.
    • Field # for original game.
    • Proposed new Date
    • Proposed new time
    • Proposed field # to play
    • Your email and cell #
    • Also include other dates/times that might work.
  • It usually takes 2-3 days for a reschedule to be approved.
  • We must check field availability as well as referee availability.
  • The sooner you speak to the other coach and start this procedure the better off you are.
  • Try and not schedule for the same week that you are requesting.
  • You will be notified as soon as it is approved or denied. The notification will either be emailed to you or updated on the ECYSA2.org site
  •  All reschedules must be made by and both coaches must agree on the reschedule.
  •  If you fall into one of these categories and would like to reschedule, contact the other coach and work out the details of a new day and time. Then let me know and I will put in the request.
  •  You may also reschedule if there is a catastrophic event.

Referee No Shows

•    Page 14 – Section 12 in the rules potion of your book.
•    Basically you need to wait 15 minutes for the referee to show up.
•    After that you can and your opponent can choose an agreed upon person to referee the match.
•    If you can’t agree on a referee, reschedule the match.

Other Items

MYSA Training/License Courses Click Here

PYSA Participation in Tournaments