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In an effort to protect young soccer players from the effects of injuries to the brain, Massachusetts Youth Soccer has created an extensive concussion education page on our website and included the CDC Concussion Online Training as part of the requirements to attain an "E" Coaching License. It is our strong recommendation that all coaches of all levels and ages of play take the free CDC Concussion Training Course as it can only help to best serve the children of Massachusetts, a goal we hold close to our hearts.

Further we have created the following playing policy related to Concussion Management:

A player removed from participation as a result of a head injury or symptoms similar to those of a concussion shall not be permitted to return to play to any extent until they have provided their team coach with a written unconditional "Medical Clearance to Return to Play" from a licensed Medical Doctor.

It is our expectation that this policy will clarify protective measures for all involved in youth soccer in Massachusetts and simplify communication between coaches and parents when concussion related issues arise.