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PYSA Soccer

Pentucket Youth Soccer Association is designed for players entering 5th grade thru 12th grade. The purpose of PYSA is to foster amateur sports competition by enhancing the level of youth soccer in the Pentucket community, forming teams comprised of players of comparable and compatible abilities and sponsoring such teams in the Essex County Youth Soccer Association league.

  •       Fall or Spring Schedule             
  •       Player Evaluation            
  •       The PYSA Coach
  •       PYSA Playing Time Policy
  •       Player Uniforms

Fall or Spring Schedule

2018 Spring Saturday Schedule Click Here


Player Evaluation


For the purpose of selection and assignment to rosters, players will be evaluated using all input from coaches and independent observers. Various criteria including soccer skills, speed, knowledge of the game, ball skills, strength, athletic ability team spirit and commitment will be considered when selecting players for team assignment.

PYSA will continue to strive, at all times, to fairly evaluate all players.

Decisions determining the placement of teams within a particular division will be based on an overall assessment of a team’s ability to be competitive and relatively successful at a given divisional level.


This data that is used to place players on teams is gathered in large part in one of two ways:

1.    Player Evaluation. This evaluation is our best tool in providing each Division Director with a snapshot of each player because it encompasses the entire season. Every coach per team is required to submit, independently of other coaches on the same team, the evaluation form to their Division Director.

The data that the PYSA BOD requests from each coach is an evaluation of how each player performed both individually and in comparison to players on opposing teams. The following is a list of items that each coach bases his/her evaluation on:

•    Attendance/Attitude, Ball Skills (trapping, passing, heading, using both feet)
•    Game Sense (movement without the ball, game understanding)
•    Kick Strength
•    Speed


2.   Spring One-Day Player Evaluation. Each spring PYSA conducts a one-day player evaluation at Pipe Stave. The evaluation is dedicated to the different age groups and genders where we conduct a series of skills and drills. The player data is scored by numerous independent observers in an attempt to get an unbiased view of each player. (PYSA makes every attempt to avoid having coaches and parents from evaluating their current season players/own children.)

During this evaluation, players participate in several skills including 3v3, 4v4, 8v8, timed ball control (Dribbling thru cones) and the 40-yard dash. At each station there are at least a couple of independent coaches that will evaluate each player and grade them accordingly. This data is then compiled to provide a ranking for each player.

Here is a list of the Skills/Drills that each player can expect during the one-day evaluation. (In no particular order)

                                    3v3      4v4      8v8          Timed Ball Control       Sprint

Here is what the evaluators are looking for from the players on the field.

•    Ball Skills—How well the player traps the ball, dribbles into space and passes with accuracy.
•    Trapping—How well the player traps the ball with his/her feet, thighs, chest and head.
•    Game Sense—How well the player moves with, and just as importantly, without the ball. Does the player understand his/her position on the field? Basic rules of the game, such as off-sides and proper techniques of throw-ins, etc.
•    Additional Skills—Aggressiveness, winning the 50/50 ball, possession while dribbling in traffic, agility, communication, teamwork, quickness and hustle.

May 2, 2015 Evalautions. Pipe Stave, Lower Fields.

The Process:                                                                                                      

1. Players are strongly encouraged to register for the Fall 2015 season, prior to May 2nd. (Registration is open)

2. Based on the schedule listed below, players will show up at Pipe Stave and visit either the U-12 or U-14 evaluation sign-in table. After signing in, players receive a numbered pinny. (Players are asked to show up dressed for practice. Cleats, shin guards and water bottle. It is advised that players do not bring their soccer ball. Players are encouraged to stretch on their own, prior to stepping onto the field.)

3. Once signed in, players will be on the field and may be asked to conduct the 40 yard dash, and/or timed ball control, (Dribbling through cones) prior to the 3v3, 4v4 and 8v8.

4. Parents are asked to remain in the sign-in area, throughout the remainder of the evaluations. (No parents on the field)

5. A few tips for the players:  Remember to hydrate throughout the day! Stretch prior to arriving onto the field. Each station (3v3, 4v4 and 8v8) will last approximately 20 minutes. Take 25 minutes and watch the evaluation video. Play hard. And Have Fun!

6. At the conclusion of the evaluation, players will line up by their respective colored pinnies, and check-out at the U-12 or U-14 Registration table.

May 2nd Schedule:


Registration: 2:00-2:30

Evaluations: 2:30-4:30


Registration: 4:45-5:15

Evaluations: 5:15-7:30

Goalies:  Any players that would like to also be evaluated as a goalie are strongly encouraged to attend.


Evaluation on the Upper Field 3:45 to 4:30.


Evaluation on the Upper Field Immediately following Boy’s evaluations. (Approx 4:30-5:15)

Evaluation Video:

All coaches, parents and players are encouraged to watch the PYSA Evaluation video. This video, made in cooperation with Seacoast United, reviews the fundamental skills that coaches & evaluators will be looking for.


Password: watch


If you have any Evaluation questions, please email Rick LeBlanc rleblancj@gmail.com


The PYSA Coach

Player Placement:

Taking into account the above Philosophy and Process, PYSA strives at all times to fairly and accurately place it’s players on teams of like strengths in the hopes of being competitive within the ECYSA groupings.

General Information:

PYSA makes a concentrated effort to recruit coaches of the highest technical and moral caliber. It is the desire of our organization to enhance the Pentucket soccer program by utilizing coaches whose qualifications include: a high level of interest in the sport, previous coaching and/or playing experience, certification, a willingness to learn, and the ability to make a personal commitment to a team. Parents of players are encouraged to become coaches or assistant coaches. PYSA also encourages recent (qualified) high school and college graduates to coach or assist in coaching.

Selection Process:

Coaches will be chosen for PYSA teams primarily, but not exclusively, based on:
1.    Experience Level

  •  Number of years coaching.
  •  Age level(s) coached.
  •  Division(s) coached.
  •  Successfulness—Both record and team attitude.

2.    Coaching Certifications
3.    Playing experience
4.    Other considerations for coaching assignments, in no particular order:

  • Communication skills.
  • Ability to demonstrate soccer skills.
  • Positive attitudes towards players, coaches, referees.
  • Survey form submitted by parents/players.
  • Ability to manage player personalities.
  • Willingness to learn/advance their coaching certifications.
  • Tactical knowledge of the game.
  • Has a child on the team.
  • Knowledge of the rules of the game.
  • Other sport coaching experience.

5.    Consideration will be given to previously established player/coach relationships when considering selection and assignment of a coach candidate.

In the event of multiple coaches being interested in coaching the same team, consideration will be given to a mutual agreement among the coaches involved.

One Head Coach will be assigned per team. An assistant coach may be chosen by the head coach.

Coaches shall be selected and assigned to teams based on the consensus decision of the PYSA Board. Where no consensus can be found, the Board will vote and the resulting decision will be final. In the event of a tie of the Board, the President shall make final decisions pertaining to the assignment of coaches.

All coaches must comply with the ECYSA/MYSA rules for Kid Safe as well as fully comply with the CORI background check.

Coaches Sign-Up Form:

New for Spring 2012, PYSA is launching a coaches sign-up form as a way to identify interested candidates for coaching teams. This form will expedite the placement process by receiving such data as coaching/playing experience and coaching certifications.

Please click here to fill-out the Coach’s Sign-up Form. Please note this form is required to be completed and submitted.

Coaches Safety Checklist:

Prior to all practices and games all coaches should adopt the habit of making sure the field and goals provide a safe environment for all players and spectators.

    Coaches Safety Checklist


The Criminal Offender Record Information (“CORI”) laws and regulations in Massachusetts were first enacted in the early 1970s. While they have undergone a number of changes and developments, their primary focus remains intact. CORI is designed to protect the general public from exposure to potentially dangerous individuals with a criminal past. Organizations, such as Mass Youth Soccer, that serve vulnerable segments of the population are given limited access to information about prospective coaches, administrators, volunteers and employees who may have a serious criminal history and who may pose a significant threat to the children involved in youth soccer across the state.

    Click here for additional information. 

PYSA Playing Time Policy

The commitment PYSA volunteers make enable the overall performance of individual play, and ultimately that of the team, to increase with every training session and game. In recognition of this, we ask that our players have the same level of commitment to their team’s weekly training sessions.

Player Uniforms

If you are a registered traveling soccer player (grades 5-8), you may need to be sized for a uniform, which includes a numbered jersey, shorts and socks.  The uniform brand is Protime and the jersey is Green, Black and White with a black #.  The shorts are solid black.  The socks are white with 3 green stripes at the top.  If you already own this Protime uniform from prior years, you can continue to use it. 
If you need a uniform, your child will need to go to Team and League Outfitters located in the Georgetown Building Supply Plaza at 103 EAST Main St. in Georgetown.  Your order will be placed the day of the fitting and you will receive an email at a later date when your uniform is ready for pickup.  We ask that you pay on your Fitting Day.  All forms of payment are accepted, with the exception of AMEX.  The cost of a uniform is $45.
Order Dates:  Fittings will be the first 2 weeks in August, beginning on Friday, August 1st.  Please note that the store is currently closed and will open on August 1st.
Hours for the first 2 weeks in August:
Wed, Thurs and Fri from 11am-6pm
Sat 8am-2pm  
No appointment necessary
First games for Essex County are Sat 9/6.
You do NOT need to know what team your child is on prior to going for a fitting, so please do not wait.
If you will be borrowing an existing jersey, please email Jen the age group and jersey # so that she knows not to issue that # to a new player.  This will help us avoid # duplication problems.
Finally, the best way to reach Jen at the Shop during uniform season is via email, at or via text at 978-314-8339.  Regretfully, orders cannot be accepted via phone.