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Pentucket Youth Soccer Association is designed for players entering 5th grade thru 12th grade. The purpose of PYSA is to foster amateur sports competition by enhancing the level of youth soccer in the Pentucket community, forming teams comprised of players of comparable and compatible abilities and sponsoring such teams in the Essex County Youth Soccer Association league.

PYSA has the following policies for all individuals participating in soccer including: Players, Parents, Coaches and Spectators.

  • PYSA Bylaws                                 
  • PYSA Articles of Constitution   
  • PYSA Playing Time Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Game Behavior Policy

PYSA Bylaws

PYSA has enacted rules and regulations to provide a framework for its operation and management procedures. The decisions we make as a board encompass the guidelines that are currently in place within the Bylaws.

PYSA Articles of Constitution

PYSA’s Articles of Constitution describes the roles and responsibilities of its Board of Directors.

PYSA Playing Time Policy 

The commitment PYSA volunteers make enable the overall performance of individual play, and ultimately that of the team, to increase with every training session and game. In recognition of this, we ask that our players have the same level of commitment to their team’s weekly training sessions.

Code of Conduct

The essential elements of character-building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship. This term applies to PYSA coaches, players and parents. We ask that you respect players and coaches on both sides of the ball, referees and fellow spectators alike.

Game Behavior Policy

In cooperation with Essex County Youth Soccer Association’s Game Behavior Policy, PYSA fully supports the guidelines dealing with unsportsmanlike behavior involving coaches, players and spectators.